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Iridium Technologies, LLC has successfully produced a radiation hardened digital library in Jazz 0.18um process under the SHARE program.

Iridium Technologies, LLC was the only company participating in the SHARE program to successfully produce strategic hardened integrated circuits (>1 Mrad).

Company Introduction

Iridium Technologies, LLC was founded in 2006 as an integrated circuit manufacturing company, developing a full product line of radiation-hardened analog and mixed-signal integrated circuit standard products for the aerospace and military communities.


Our groundbreaking products and services are based on patented and patent-pending design innovations.


Iridium Technologies, LLC's business model has been developed based on commercial industry, and subsequently realized within the aerospace and military markets.


Iridium's areas of expertise are the

  • Design and production of radiation-hardened and high-reliability analog, digital, and mixed-signal integrated circuits
  • Development of intellectual property
  • Performance of characterization and functional testing

Fabrication, packaging, manufacturing, and radiation testing of our proprietary products are out-sourced to QML qualified and ITAR listed vendors.

Unique Solution to Assurance of Supply

To bridge the gap between the needs of the aerospace and military communities, and the commercial structure of Iridium Technologies, LLC business model, assurance of supply is a top priority. To ensure long-term supply, we will store a minimum of 20 years of our products, in nitrogen, at a secure long-term government integrated circuit storage facility. Greater product volume and longer storage times are possible.




Iridium Technologies, LLC is pursuing QML qualification for all products through the Defense Supply Center in Columbus, Ohio, in the areas of:

  • Strategic Radiation-Hardened

  • Radiation-Hardened

  • Radiation-Tolerant

  • High Reliability


Radiation testing of our radiation-hardened integrated circuits to date has been successfully completed in partnership with L3-Communications.

Going Where No Aerospace Company Has Ever Gone ...

Iridium Technologies, LLC not only focuses on creating radiation-hardened integrated circuits, but is also working on producing high reliability and radiation-hardened integrated circuits capable of normal, predictable, and reliable operation at Cryogenic temperatures and sub-threshold regions.

Cryogenic temperature operation enables integrated circuit operation in extremely cold environments, such as deep space, without having to worry about temperature extremes.

Sub-threshold operation will provide High Reliability and Radiation-Hardened integrated circuits that can operate using the least amount of power possible.

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